Version 2.1.2 - April 14, 2021


In commands.php
* Ignore commands when too many arguments are supplied * Add info first, opposite of info latest * Add mini info when used in non-command channels * Add nickname command * Add tadmin idof to obtain ID of item or Pokémon * Add tmod mt for mods to handle misattributions * Fixes to trade command In functions_items.php: * Add "drc" as an alias for daily reset card * Add Hoenn Trophy item * Add Magikarp Collector Trophy itme * Add Mega Collector Trophy item * Add Silvadash Trivia Winner Medal item * Add Silvadash Trivia Achiever Medal item * Add Silvadash Trivia Striker Medal item * Add Red and Green Poké Ball item * Add Love Ball item * Add Love Candy item * Add Mega Stone item * Add Max's Mega Stone item * Add Box item In functions_messages.php: * Add ability to generate mini info embeds * Add ability to replace spawn embed with a blind spawn In functions_player.php: * Corda Ball only used for latest generation Pokémon In functions_poke.php: * Replace "No Class" label with "Class A or Above" in spawns * Add trade evolutions for Pokémon #682, #684, #708 and #710 * Add getfirstpoke function, opposite of getlatestpoke function * Add support for nicknames In functions_spawn.php: * Only decrease Corda Ball count when Pokémon is of the latest generation * Remove new player bonus (temporary) * Update send Pokémon information to spawnembed function * Update day-of-month events (randomform, randompoke functions) In functions_use.php: * Update prevent DRC use on Feb 14th (to prevent exploit of Feb day-of-month event) * Update spawn acceleration items for May day-of-month event * Add Pretty Wing functionality * Add Crystal Snowflake functionality * Update Evo Candy Pokémon list * Update Evo Candy not to use a Corda Ball when generating a Shedinja * Update Evo Candy to require a Dark-type Pokémon to evolve Pancham * Add Love Ball item functionality * Update various evolutionary items Pokémon list * Add Mega Stone functionality * Add Hoenn Trophy functionality (cosmetic) * Add Magikarp Trophy functionality (cosmetic) * Add Mega Trophy functionality (cosmetic) * Update Starter Pack * Add Red and Green Poké Ball functionality * Add Love Ball functionality * Update Firld Item Pack contents * Add Box functionality (cosmetic) * Add Silvadash Trivia Winner Medal functionality (cosmetic) * Add Silvadash Trivia Achiever Medal functionality (cosmetic) * Add Silvadash Trivia Striker Medal functionality (cosmetic) In run.php: * Update autorestart system In run_commands.php: * Update autorestart timer