Version 2.1.0 "Blitzle" - April 1, 2020

New Features

  • Pokémon introduced in Generation V are now available.
  • Pokémon Classes
    • Each Pokémon that spawns will have a class determining its rarity when compared to other Pokémon of this species.
    • The rarity is determined when the Pokémon spawns. The Pokémon cannot be caught by a trainer who already has two specimens of this specific species/form of an equal or higher class.
    • Class A (and above) Pokémon can be caught regardless of the above point and are automatically protected against trading.
    • Pokémon caught before this update or obtained through other means than catching do not have an associated class.

New Items

  • First! Johto Master Trophy (92)
    This item cannot be bought in the shop.
  • Devolution Spray KC-MK3 (93)
    Available in the shop, this item can reverse a Pokémon's evolution with a smaller chance of failing than the Devolution Spray KC-MK2.
  • Stock Honey (94)
    This is a staff-only item that cannot be bought in the shop.

Other Changes

  • The Pokémon info embed has been reworked so that the fields are in a more logical order and to display the Pokémon's class when applicable.
  • Shiny Pokémon are now protected against trading by default.
  • The "daily" command can now only be used 24 hours after the player caught their first Pokémon (in the current generation).
  • New command: "events". Sends a link to the list of events. Current events are tagged with "[CURRENT]".
  • New command: "misattribution". Sends a link to the help article regarding Pokémon misattribution. "Lag" is an alias for this command.
  • New command: "refund". Sends a link to the help article regarding refunds.
  • The meaning of a negative number of slots available on the GTS or Black Market should now be clearer when using the "gtscheck" or "bmcheck" commands.
  • The layout of the "bag" command's output has been streamlined.