Lag and capture misattribution

As multiple people send messages in a short amount of time, Discord can sometimes mix up the order in which they were sent.

This can lead to situations like this:

Tilia: A wild Pokémon has appeared!
You: Bulbasaur
Another: Bulbasaur
Tilia: @Another Congratulations, you caught the Bulbasaur!

Often, this is an issue on your client: your message was actually sent after the other person's, but since you sent it before receiving the other person's message, it appears first. In that case, when you refresh your client (using Ctrl+R or equivalent, or closing and reopening it), you should see the messages in the correct order, first the other person's, then yours.

Sometimes, messages are so close to each other that Tilia receives them at the same time. In that case, she might not receive them in the correct order, and she might process the wrong one first. In that case, when you refresh your client, you should still see your message first, and you legitimately caught the Pokémon.

In that last case only, you might be eligible to receiving a copy of the misattributed Pokémon. For that, you must:

  • have no more than two Pokémon of this species/form combination (unless the Pokémon is shiny),
  • have had at least one Corda Ball at the time the misattribution happened,
  • not have been muted at the time the misattribution happened,
  • create a Capture Misattribution ticket less than 7 days after the misattribution happened.

After verification, you should receive a copy of the misattributed Pokémon (same species, form and shininess) and one Corda Ball will be removed from your bag. The original Pokémon will not be taken away from the player to whom it got misattributed.


Please use the following template in the message of your ticket:

Full Discord username (e.g. Saphir#0001): 
Species and ID of the misattributed Pokémon: 
Date and time at which the Pokémon appeared (with timezone): 

To speed up the verification process, please use the bag command shortly after the misattribution.

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