Requesting a refund

If you purchased an item by mistake, you can request a refund, as long as it remains exceptional.

Please note however that Black Cards cannot be refunded.

If you want a refund for an item you bought with discount money, disregard the rest of this article and ask a Tilia moderator.

Refunds by a Tilia Moderator

If you want a refund for the following items, please ask a Tilia moderator:

  • Evo, Soothe, Moss or Ice Candy
  • Shiny, Dusk or Dawn Stone, or Everstone
  • Devolution Spray
  • Star Chip
  • Daily Reset Card
  • Lottery Ticket

Refunds by the Tilia Administrator

If you want a refund for another item, please submit a ticketclick here to create a Refund Request ticket.

Please use the following template in the message of your ticket:

Full Discord username (e.g. Saphir#0001): 
Date and time of purchase (with timezone): 
Item purchased: 
Quantity purchased: 
Total amount to be refunded:

Please keep in mind that refunds are exceptional, and may be denied, or the amount refunded reduced, if requested too frequently.