Premium Status

What is Premium?

Premium is a temporary status (similar to a subscription) that unlocks a few advantages in the game (listed below). It is obtained by redeeming Star Chips that can be obtained through a promotion, bought in the shop or bought for real money.

It is also possible to obtain Premium time through other means (referral system, starter pack). In that case, the Premium time is added immediately, instead of when the Star Chip is used.

If a player uses a Star Chip or receives Premium time when they already have Premium time active, this time gets added after the end of the current "subscription".

Star Chips

There are five kinds of Star Chips, that give you a different Premium "subscription" time.

  • Copper: grants you 3 days of Premium.
  • Silver: grants you 7 days of Premium.
  • Gold: grants you 30 days of Premium.
  • Platinum: grants you 90 days of Premium.
  • Diamond: grants you 180 days of Premium.


  • Using Corda Bucks:
    • Gold: 8,000 Corda Bucks,
    • Platinum: 24,000 Corda Bucks,
    • Diamond: 48,000 Corda Bucks.
  • Using real money:
    • Gold: $3.99 USD,
    • Platinum: $11.97 USD $10.99 USD (8% Discount),
    • Diamond: $23.94 USD $20.99 USD (12% Discount).

The Premium status is exactly the same whether it is bought with Corda Bucks or real money.


Having an active Premium "subscription" unlocks six advantages in the game. More could be added later.

  • Daily +5%
    Get 1,050 Corda Bucks a day instead of 1,000, which is 1,500 Corda Bucks back in your pocket at the end of the month.
  • Store -5%
    Get a 5% discount on all eligible items in the store (items for which the money on the Discount Card can be used).
  • Extra GTS Slots
    Get 5 extra slots on the GTS. Slots only get removed when the Pokémon occupying one gets traded or withdrawn, even if your Premium time runs out.
  • Extra Black Market Slots
    Get 10 extra slots on the Black Market. Slots only get removed when the Pokémon occupying one gets traded or withdrawn, even if your Premium time runs out.
  • Reduced Rocket Fee
    Team Rocket's fee when selling a Pokémon on the Black Market is halved if the seller has Premium status at the time of the sale.
  • Automatic Daily
    Premium players receive their daily money automatically!


To get Star Chips using Corda Bucks, use the "buy" command in the game.

  • Gold: `buy starchipgold`
  • Platinum: `buy starchipplatinum`
  • Diamond: `buy starchipdiamond`

To buy them using real money, please send a DM to Saphir#0001 to be sent a payment link. There is no automatic renewal.

Thank you for your support! :-)