Elaria Mystery Dungeon Exploration

Are you ready to explore a mystery dungeon? Team up with three other people and explore the dungeon strategically so you don't have to use an Escape Rope before reaching the treasure room!

Event Description

General Information

Your team will have access to a special channel in which you will be sent a map of the dungeon as you explore it. Each turn, you can choose one or more team members to move from one room to another. One team member moving to an undiscovered room costs one action. You can't just explore forever though, so when you use your 30th action, you will have to abandon the challenge and use an Escape Rope to go back home. Better luck next time! If one or more players in the team reach the treasure room before the 30th action is used, all players in the team win the prize (even those who got eliminated before the treasure room was reached, if any)!

Players' Pokémon

Each player will choose one Pokémon to accompany them during this challenge. Only its type matters. If it has two types, the player will choose which of the two type to use during the challenge. The power of that Pokémon will be determined by a die roll (1d4+8).


When one or more team members enter a room that was undiscovered until then, they can either be on the right path: the rest of their team can come too (without it costing any action)... Or they can be on the wrong way, and an enemy Pokémon is waiting for them, and attacks!


When an enemy Pokémon attacks, one of the players' Pokémon in the room must defend its trainer! The type of the enemy Pokémon is random and its power is determined by a die roll (1d20). The players choose which of their Pokémon takes the attack after they are informed of their opponent's type and power.

If the enemy Pokémon's power is greater than the chosen defending Pokémon, the latter gets knocked out. Its trainer must use an Escape Rope to take it to the nearest Poké Center, and the exploration ends here for them. In the meantime, the other players who entered the room with them (if any) manage to sneak back to the previous room.

If the enemy Pokémon's power is lower or equal than the chosen defending Pokémon, the former gets knocked out. The trainers can go back to the previous room and continue the exploration.

Of course, type effectiveness is taken into account. For example, if the enemy Pokémon is a Fire-type with a power of 16 and the player has a Water-type with a power of 12, the enemy Pokémon's power will be counted as 8 (Fire is not very effective against Water), and the player's Pokémon's power will be counted as 24 (Water is very effective against Fire). I suggest you don't choose a Normal-type Pokémon...


Well obviously the prize is whatever lies in the treasure room! And since the dungeon hasn't been explored yet... Well, who knows what it could be! Hopefully it isn't just one of those paradoxical boxes...


Players who want to participate in the event must register as a team of four by opening one ticket per team (not one ticket per player, thank you very much) containing the Discord username (for example, Saphir#0001) and the player ID (you can use the "myid" command to obtain it) of the four team members. The four team members will then be given a private channel in which they can choose a team captain who will confirm each team decision, a name for their team, the Pokémon they will use (and their type), and begin their adventure once the dungeon opens!

Click here to open a registration ticket.


All participants will receive a Star Chip: Gold, a Field Item Pack and an exclusive item.

If one or more teams reach the treasure room, all their members (even eliminated players within those teams) will receive a Star Chip: Platinum and an additional prize.

Disclaimers and Additional Information

  • The exploration will happen turn by turn, do not expect it to be quick, there can be a day or more between each step!
  • A team captain must be unanimously chosen before the exploration start. During the exploration, the team captain, and only the team captain, confirms each decision.
  • Though they might look alike, each team will explore a different dungeon. What is the right path for one may be a dead end for another; don't try to cheat!
  • Exploration will start on Monday, March 8th, 2021. All registration tickets must be submitted before that date.
  • If you like this event, their might be more dungeons to explore in the future! I certainly hope you'll enjoy it! :-)

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